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As always we are looking for new information and photographs to ensure that our history does not get forgotten.  This is a plea to all who have served with Intaf or who are family members to help.  The smallest anecdote is of importance.

I have been recently informed that Nick Baalbergen passed away, after having lost contact with him.  He was a well respected member of Intaf and served at various districts.  Many of his photos have been used on this website and in the Operation Lighthouse book in conjunction with much information.  He will be remembered.
On the 4th February 2023 an Intaf veterans gathering took place at a local country hotel in northern Hampshire.  Some of us had not seen each other in over 40 years.  Of significance is that this is the first time so many ARU commanders were together since the bush war as per this photo. L to R.  Dave Robertson, Rod Tourle, Dudley Wall, Bryn Price and Ken Tuckey.  It was an absolute privilege to have met up with everybody and to reminisce and remember the old days.