Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Territorial Echelons

All territorial or part time members of Intaf were called up to units that were known as Echelons.  Information indicates that there was an echelon per province as per the ARU's.  Echelons were responsible for the provision of part time personnel to man keeps and assist in security related matters pertaining to each district.

A Echelon was responsible for Mashonanland West.  B Echelon was responsible for Mashonaland East province, C Ecehelon was responsible for Manicaland, D Echelon looked after Victoria Province and some parts of the Midlands.  E Echelon was responsible for Matabeleland. 


To prepare its forces for ops duties B Echelon ran a Battle Camp at Mrewa and at Goromonzi to train Vedettes and other members of Intaf as required.  Vedettes underwent rigorous minor tactics training before being deployed.


Photos of Vedettes who served in specific districts have been placed on the applicable DCs Station page


The territorial members had their own rank structure and were from senior to junior as follows:


            Senior Vedette Officer.

Vedette Officer.


Vedette Senior Warrant Officer.

Vedette Junior Warrant Officer.

Staff Vedette.

Vedette Section Leader.

Vedette Detachment Leader.

Senior Vedette.




Part time members were responsible for running the Engineers, Signals and Administration sections for operations.  They were integrated with the regular members for operational duties as required. 

Beermug of B Echelon