Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Rhodesian Army

Intaf had a very close relationship with the Rhodesian army and often worked with the various units in the field.  The following images are intended to show the insignia of the units of the army to recall this close co-operation.

Many men who had previously served in the army left on completion of their contract and joined Intaf.  The primary unit that did this was the Rhodesian African Rifles and for this reason there is a close relationship between Intaf and the RAR.  This bond developed when the Rhodesian Native Regiment (RNR) was raised for service in the First World War and men of the then Native Department were actively responsible for recruiting soldiers for the regiment.  Some European members of the Department were seconded to the RNR / RAR and served as officers and NCOs.

During the bush war several District Security Assistants were trained by the RAR at the JOC and Mtoko for the north east districts.  Photos have been placed at the bottom of this page illustrating this training.


DSAs on parade with the RAR at Mtoko FAF 5


DSAs on parade with the RAR at Mtoko FAF 5