Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Rhodesian Air Force

Co-operation between Intaf and the Rhodesian Air Force (RhAF) was excellent.  The Security Wing of the RhAF trained several intakes of District Security Assistants and older national servicemen for deployment to the keeps and Protected Villages.  The Intaf Air Wing also co-operated with the RhAF and Intaf aircraft used facilities at the various Forward Air Fields (FAFs).

National servicemen also underwent training in helicopter drills at New Sarum Air Force Base as part of their preparation for deployment.  The RhAF also provided casualty evacuation of Intaf personnel wounded or killed in action.  Helicopter refuelling positions were also established within the safety of Intaf bases and keeps in the operational areas.

The following photos illustrate this close co-operation.

Intaf National Servicemen de-planing at New Sarum during helicopter drills. Photo from J.D. White.

Alo II helicopters refuelling at DCs Station Mudzi. 

Alo III taking off at the DCs Station at Mudzi.

Alo III taking off at the DCs Station at Mudzi. 

 Norman Britten Islander at Kotwa airfield, Mudzi. 

Intaf Air Wing aircraft at FAF 3 Centenary 18th August 1975.

The above photos all from Nick Baalbergen who was stationed at Mudzi.