Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Links to other sites with Intaf information

http://www.rhodesianforces.org short cut to the British based UDI period Rhodesian forces site.  Has a specific section on Intaf.


http://www.rhodesianservices.org/ short cut to an excellent New Zealand based site on the Rhodesian Forces.

http://www.rhodesianguardforce.co.uk/  short cut to the excellent website on Guard Force.

http://www.jeppestown.com/rhodesiamedalroll/index.html short cut to the publishers of David Saffery's book Rhodesian Medal Roll


http://www.rhodesiansoldier.com/links.html  short cut to an excellent website on Rhodesia by a good friend and Intaf veteran - Gerry van Tonder


http://www.wewererhodesians.com/index.asp short cut to Carl Keith's great site on recipients of Rhodesian medals and Rhodesians who have received medals while serving in other forces.


http://www.ourstory.com/orafs short cut to Eddy Norris' excellent website on the Rhodesian Air Force.


http://www.ourstory.com/TheBrowns  short cut to Eddy Norris' website on the Rhodesian army


http://www.ourstory.com/Umtali short cut to Eddy Norris' website on Umtali


http://www.memoriesofrhodesia.com  short cut to Dave Cushworths website which keeps the memory of Rhodesia alive through film, audio and books.  There are many historical treasures to be found.


http://www.rhodesianprisonservices.co.za/ short cut to Wayne Kennerley's excellent site on the Rhodesian Prison Service.


http://www.johnedmond.co.za/  short cut to John Edmonds excellent site.  A must for all Rhodesian music lovers.


www.empiretocommonwealth.webs.com  short cut to an excellent website on all matters relating to military insignia and emblems.

http://rhodesia.me.uk/index.html   short cut to another great website on life in Rhodesia.

http://poultney.rhodesiana.com/family/gkp/gkp5.html#gkp5 short cut to Gordon Poultneys site.

http://home.iprimus.com.au/rob rickards/viscounts/adf.htm short cut to Rob's Intaf air wing site.

http://www.hemans.dsl.pipex.com/book/index.htm short cut to DC Hemans book “Those were the Days” 

http://www.newrhodesian.ca/index.php short cut to the New Rhodesian Forum.


https://www.freewebs.com/saintcorps/  Link to allied website by the Intaf webmaster.  The corps he served in after Rhodesia.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/154798431250072/  The Intaf face-book group

https://www.facebook.com/groups/124280565850/  Link to the face-book group Rhodesia Military