Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Images in Art Form

This page is intended to illustrate the artwork of members of Intaf at one time or another.  Peter Badcock produced some of the finest artwork of the war.  He served with the BSA Police Reserve and then with the Intaf National Service Unit as an officer.  His sketches of Intaf personnel are from his book entitled Faces of War published by Sygma in 1980 and is considered a very valuable part of any Rhodesiana book collection.

Portrait of a DSA serving with the ARUs
by Peter Badcock

Portrait of a member of the Intaf regimental band by Peter Badcock

Portrait of a Vedette Section Leader doing some field repairs to his uniform.
By Peter Badcock
DSA in field dress by Alex Bundock
 Sergeant in office dress by Alex Bundock
Member of the Matabele Native Police by Alex Bundock
Native Department member in office dress by Alex Bundock
Alex Bundock was also a cartoonist.  This is one of his.