Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

The requirement for specialist units within Intaf was becoming more crucial  and eight ARU Troops were raised for deployment within each of the Provinces.  F Troop (Midlands) ARU was raised and trained by Dave Robertson and he then went on to command the unit with distinction.  This newspaper article covers the Passing Out Parade.
Another article on the Passing Out parade of F Troop.
The Passing Out parade program.
Passing Out parade inspection.  Inspecting Officer - Provincial Commissioner J.W. Roebuck, accompanied by Dave Robertson.
F Troop ARU on parade, Led by Dave Robertson.
The Intaf Band leading the Passing Out parade.
PC Roebuck, Dave Robertson, unknown, reviewing the parade
F Troop on parade
F Troop on parade in review order, led by Dave Robertson
Op Wrangler base camp
Op Wrangler letter of congratulations.  Op Wrangler was a very important effort by the government to enure that cattle were regularly dipped to prevent the spread of various animal borne diseases.  The Veterinary Department were responsible for the operation and were assisted by Intaf and the BSAP.
Both F Troop (Dave Robertson) and E Troop (Charles Hosking) were deployed for Op Wrangler to cover the vast area of three districts.  Here the unit commanders are back in base to resupply and take a break.
Dave Robertson taking an opportunity to "clean up" in the bathroom.
ARU commander, Charles Hosking, conducting ablutions in more luxurious conditions during Op Wrangler.