Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

DCs Station Nuanetsi

This information and the photographs have been kindly provided by Lewis Walter who was at one time stationed at Nuanetsi from 12th April 1962 to May 1964.  Nuanetsi is situated approximately 160 kilometres south of Fort Victoria and was an important area for cattle and game ranches.  The Nuanetsi River flows through the district into the Limpopo River and provides a water life line for the people who live there.  It is from this river that the area got its name.

The photo above features the Native Commissioners Office with DAs on parade.

Members of staff


Allan Wright, Native Commissioner.  Wife Delia.

Lewis Walter, Assistant Native Commissioner.

Schalk Rabie, Field Assistant.  He could do (and did) absolutely anything that was required.

Hennie Olwage, Field Assistant/PDO.  Wife Rita.

John Barry, Field Assistant.

Rob Knights, Clerk.

Francis Webster, Clerk.

Brian Lucas, Clerk

Stan Pompe van der Meerdevoort, Clerk.

Don Swanton, Clerk


Note the Union Flag flying from the Neshuro sub office in 1963.

There was at least one other clerk whose name Lewis Walter cannot recall.  NC Allan Wright wrote two well known books - "Valley of the Ironwoods" and "Grey Ghosts of Buffalo Bend".  The former gives considerable detail of his administration as NC at Nuanetsi.  He was largely responsible for the establishment of the Gonarezhou National Park.  Valley of the Ironwoods features some of the photos taken by Lewis and makes mention of his entanglements with animals.  One such photo is of an elephant known as "Old Crooked Tooth" as featured on this page. 




























Rob Knights and Lewis Walter on patrol in Nuanetsi District


Chilojo Cliffs on the Lundi River.  Photo courtesy - Nick Baalbergen