Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

DCs Station Mudzi

There were 54 districts in total in Rhodesia.  One of the newest districts was Mudzi and was formed by splitting the area of responsibility of Mtoko District when the war intensified.  Mudzi's area of responsibility stretched from the Sustkwe Pass to the Mozambique border.  It included several remote areas which were used by ZANLA as an infiltration route from Mozambique.

 Due to the fact that it was created specifically the facilities were modern and purpose built.  The DCs Office also served as a forward refuelling point for the Rhodesian Air Force helicopters deployed in the area to support ground forces.

Charlie Collett was the first District Commissioner to be posted to Mudzi.  His Assistant District Commissioner was Andy Parkinson.

The following is a list of Intaf personnel that served there.  It is based on the staff who were there in 1978.  Some people may have been ommitted from the list.  This is purely because the webmaster is not aware of them and their service.  If the reader did serve in Mudzi and wishes to have his / her name added please contact him.

 Malcolm Pratt.  District Commissioner.  Later DC Bruce Verdal Austin was posted to Mudzi.  His secretary was Jenny Maytham.

 Nick Baalbergen Assistant District Commissioner. 

 Charles Shand.  District Officer 


Jim Robertshaw.  District Officer.  (Killed - landmine Shinga Rd 16 September 1978.)


Chris Van der Walt.  Snr Cadet.  Badly injured in action - lost one lung.


Deon Brown.  National Service Cadet.


Brian Mons.  Cadet.


Vic Perreira.  National Service Cadet.

Rob Picton.  National Service Cadet.

Nigel Smith.  National Service Cadet.

Pieter Grobler.  National Service Cadet. (IANS 4)


Dave Ford.  Agricultural Officer.


Les Cooper.  Field Officer.


Marcel Du Plessis.  Field Assistant.


Patrick Hoad.  Field Assistant.


Steve Levine.  Volunteer from New York.


George Smyth.  Accounts Clerk.  Husband and wife team.


Mr & Mrs Bichard.  Accounts Clerk.  Replaced the Smyths.


Mrs Joan Hoad.  DCs Secretary.  Son Patrick was a Field Assistant.


Dennis Eatwell.  Tsetse control officer.


Dave Rockingham-Gill.  Vedette.


George Smith.  Vedette.  KIA 1979 in an attack on a camp.


Simon Pitt.  Vedette.


Pat Kelly.  Vedette. 


Greg Mellon.  Vedette.


John Strickland.  Vedette.


Carlos Dela Pria.  Vedette.


Mizzy Mizewicz.  Vedette.  Did call-ups during university vacs. Was very badly injured in an ambush.


??? Cooper.  Vedette.  Did call-ups during university vacs.


Msau Keep and Protected Village 1974

Mudzi Keep 1974

Nyamapanda Border Post 1978