Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

DCs Station Mt Darwin

Mount Darwin was at the forefront of the paramilitary activities of Intaf.  The first keeps were constructed in the district and the concept of  using mounted units for patrolling and making contact with the people started here.  At one time the strength of the staff amounted to almost two infantry battalions.  Such a large force required dedicated leadership and excellent structures to ensure that they were effectively used.

The above three photos were provided by Tony Edwards and show the HQ and fleet of operational vehicles used in Mt Darwin.

The following list is of the members of the staff who have served in the district over a period of time, as known to the webmaster.  There are many more who served in Mount Darwin and if anybody can supply more names of those that served they will be added.  

Walter Powley NC 1906 - 1928

Fats Bowen-Davies DC 1960s

Jo Beale DC 1961 - 1965

Malcolm Pratt ADC 1967

John Wenman ADC 1965 - 1966

Bob Menzies DO 1961

 1970s Bush War Personnel

"Chick" Fowle - District Commissioner

Jim Latham - District Commissioner. (Jim Latham took over from Chick Fowle).

Peter "Flash" Williams - District Commissioner (took over from Jim Latham in 1977)

Rob Walker - Assistant District Commissioner (later DC of Kezi)

Ant Fyn - District Officer, Kaitano and HQ

John Connelly - District Officer, Mukumbura

Barry Mulder - District Officer, Ops Room

Andy Olver - District Officer, Dotito & Bveke

Lionel Dyke - District Officer, HQ

Rob Carruthers - District Officer, Bveke & Kaitano

Colin Bird - District Officer, Nhembire

Pete Skott - District Officer, Nhembire

Steve Cloete - District Officer, Chiswite

Cameron Clarke - District Officer, HQ

Rob Rawson -  District Officer, Chigango

Dave Dodds - District Officer, Pachanza

Ken Tuckey - District Officer, Horse Troop

Mike Blake - District Officer, Chesa

Tony Harris District Officer

Charles Gurney Cadet DO

Francis Wauchope Cadet DO

Gerry van Tonder Cadet DO

Peter Dix Cadet DO

Charlie Inngs Cadet DO

Gordon Poultney National Service Cadet

Kang Yin National Service Cadet Mukumbura


There were several other NS cadets but their names are unknown to the webmaster

Senior District Assistants who played a major role in the district are -

Sergeant Major Tommy Chiunya

Sergeant Major Mugadza

C Sergeant Gumbo

Sergeant Munatsi.

Other staff members included


Mike Bellis - Agricultural Officer

Allan Nichols - Agricultural Officer

Jim Porter - Primary Development Officer, African Development Fund (ADF)

Ian McFarlane - Field Assistant, ADF

Bill Coowie (Spelling?) - Field Assistant, ADF

Geordie - Mechanic, ADF

Reg Lawson - HQ Paymaster (No 2 Jack West)

Daphne Whitehead, DC's Secretary

Mrs Hoad - HQ Assistant

Brenda Tuckey - HQ Assistant




Mukumbura looking towards Mozambique.  Photo from Kang Yin


Mvuradonha Mountains from the air.  Photo from Kang Yin.

Mount Darwin Staff.  Photo from Piet Henning.

BSAP / INTAF co-operation in Mt Darwin District

As in all of the districts in Rhodesia there was a requirement for the members of the BSAP and INTAF to co-operate in day to day matters.  Mount Darwin had a unique position in that it was one of the first districts to see a large number of Keeps and Protected Villages established in an effort to curb the activities of terrorists entering the district from Zambia and Mozambique.  Several of the Keeps and Protected Villages were manned by small sections of District Assistants in the charge of a Corporal as there were not enough white personnel to be deployed to each one.  It was essential to visit these outposts regularly in order to ensure discipline was maintained.  The BSAP patrols did report on any irregularities they heard of and misdemeanours were dealt with accordingly.  This allowed a healthy respect to develop between the government departments.

Nick Russell was a BSAP Section Officer stationed at Mt Darwin in 1977 and has kindly supplied all of the photos and information in this information box.

Newspaper clipping reporting on an attack on the village in 1972


Aerial view of the village in 1979


Cartoon sketch - Mt Darwin Club 1974


Mount Darwin


Mount Darwin


Detective Section Officer Nick Russell recording the weapon number of an AK 47 belonging to a ZANLA man in 1980.  The article explains it all!

The next photos are from Barry Mulder who was stationed at Mt Darwin and illustrate the building and maintenance of the Protected Villages and the keeps of Intaf.

Building a Keep

Keep and surrounding protected village

Barrack room inspection in a Keep

Landmines were a real threat to all security forces and the civilian population alike.  The next photos are of some of these incidents that took place in the Mt Darwin area and were also kindly supplied by Barry Mulder.

This truck detonated an anti tank mine near Mukumbura at the beginning of the war.

Andy Olver at the scene of a mine incident.


Barry Mulder and President Du Pont talking to DAs on parade.

District Commissioner Jim Latham with Secretary of Internal Affairs, Noel Hunt

The full compliment of Mt Darwin on parade.  This photo shows the reality and significance of the participation of Intaf in the bush war.  A full infantry battalion on parade!