Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Agricultural Affairs


The structure of Intaf at DC’s Station level also included a section that was responsible for the formulation of all agricultural policy in conjunction with the Tribal Land Authority (TLA) of each district.  This included matters pertaining to agriculture and the development of the Tribal Trust Lands (TTLs) and African Purchase Areas (APAs) as well as the pegging of roads and Protected Village sites. 

The TLA consisted of the Chiefs, Headmen and Kraalheads.  Part of their responsibility in this regard was the allocation of land to members of the community.  The Chief sat with a small committee to determine these matters.  As the war escalated the TLA was required to ensure that crops were grown closer to the PVs and grazing somewhat further away.

The Agricultural Officer (AO) also ensured good animal health by enforcing dipping of all livestock.  Their responsibility also extended to making sure that soil conservation was enhanced by the construction of contour ridges according to legislation.

Competitions were held to determine the best practices and a Craftsman’s badge was awarded as a public recognition of the skills learned and applied.

Cattle dipping day in Mtoko District


This page can be read in conjunction with the pages on the DCs Stations.  DC Station Chibi has photos of various agricultural activities.